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We are a newly established grass-root non-profit humanitarian organization, called Humanitarian Initiative Association HIA legally registered in Turkey. 
HIA is as a matter of fact is a continuation of SIMRO's scope of work, executive and technical team including finance, program, and health and nutrition team, process and procedures and the same governorates. 
HIA’s staff have been actively working with major UN and EU humanitarian-based agencies and institutions including DFID, OCHA, UNICEF, GIZ and WHO.
By the same token the, HIA’s staff have experienced with dealing the key donors roles and regulations through the past five years. The key projects they have implemented are as follow:
Eight projects from humanitarian fund, four PDs UNICEF, one with IRC, one from ISHA, tow from GIZ, 4WHO and one from Refugee Protection International (RPI). 
The team have passed successfully from nine audits without any disallowed cost, where all the work was under the humanitarian principles.
The technical staff were chairing the NCD TWG under umbrella of health cluster along with chairing the IYCF and CMAM TWG under umbrella of nutrition cluster.

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